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Technology for Our Wellbeing

The final event of the Global Junior Challenge, the international competition that rewards the innovative use of technology for the education of youth, kicks off together with the Smart & Heart Cities event. From October 27, to 30, Rome will host a multi-event extending from downtown to the suburbs to reflect on the role of education for the growth of intelligent communities.

There is a school that is not described by statistics and reports, not even by the recent OECD Report entitled “Students, Computers and Learning. Making the Connection”. However, all you need to do to encounter it is visit the stands of the 120 finalists of the 7th edition of the Global Junior Challenge that will be held on October 28-29 at the Istituto comprensivo Via dei Consoli. The GJC received 413 projects from 42 countries, ranging from Albania to Uganda. Quality schooling is democratic schooling, everywhere, because technology provides answers to the issues of students with special needs and allows the entire class to grow together and more quickly.

From the BYOD Methodology to the Inverted Classroom, innovative didactic experiences are globally inclusive. They leave no one behind and reap the most value out of excellence, like the eighteen year old who developed a low-cost videophone, the class that uploaded an e-learning platform or the students who brought robotic animation to a pediatric hospital. Schools are increasingly seeking local alliances and working with associations and enterprises to form intelligent communities.

A smart city is inhabited by evolved individuals who learn, participate and use technological potential to play an active role. This is why the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, Roma Capitale and Eurocities decided to organize a multi-event extending from downtown to the suburbs in parallel to the Global Junior Challenge.

The Smart&Heart Cities International Conference will be held on Thursday, October 29 in the Rome Campidoglio Protomoteca Hall (9 am to 4 pm), where international experts will discuss common strategies and solutions.

The Rome Città Educativa will host the 2015 Knowledge Society Forum (Oct. 27-28) promoted by the Eurocities Consortium, which brings together over 100 European cities including Rome. On October 28 at 5:30 pm, Klaus Haasis will host a workshop dedicated to public administration and the transformation of cities to promote citizen participation.

The International Hackathon for Civic and Social Innovation (Oct. 28-29) will challenge programmers and students to develop solutions to improve neighbourhoods and the city of Rome. On October 29, from 8-11 pm, the school gym will host the GJC “Mix and Mingle” Party.

On Friday, October 30, from 9-12 am, the GJC returns to the Rome Campidoglio Protomoteca Hall with workshops on the results of Project ComeOn! in Hungary, Italy, Holland, Romania and Spain. The Global Junior Challenge Awards Ceremony will be held at 10 am in the Giulio Cesare Hall, where the Special Prize of the President of the Italian Republic will be presented to the most innovative projects by Italian schools.


Full Programme for the Multi-Event [pdf]

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