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Global Junior Challenge

Global Junior Challenge is an international contest rewarding the most innovative projects for the 21st century Education and Social Inclusion.

GJC aims to encourage young generations and their teachers to make use of new technologies, to share knowledge and reproduce successful initiatives.  It is hence a unique chance to reflect upon the challenges posed by the 21st century education and the role of ICT for innovating the teaching process, social inclusion and development. The GJC contest is open to all kinds of associations, public and private institutions, cooperatives, schools, universities, companies and individuals of any age from all around the world. Projects activated within 31st December 2014 are admitted in two main areas “Education for 21st Century” and “Social Inclusion”.

For Education for the 21st century, projects are divided into different categories: according to the age group they target up to 10, up to 15, up to 18 and up to 29 years old; “ICT for environmental sustainability” and “ICT for youth and job placement”.

In the Social Inclusion area, projects compete in the category “ICT for the integration of migrants and refugees”.

The new category for 2015 is “Applications for civic and social innovation” newly introduced thanks to the partnership with the Knowledge Society Forum 2015 hosted by GJC.

The Global Junior Challenge Awards: the main GJC Award to the winning projects (the medal representing the Etruscan bronze she wolf with Romulus and Remus, which is the symbol of the City of Rome); the Award of the President of the Italian Republic (silver medals to the most innovative projects presented by Italian schools); official Award by Eurocities to the winner of the new 2015 category and the Small Fund Award for ICT projects from developing countries.

In this seventh edition of the GJC, also a workshop dedicated to mobile technology in education inspired by the success of the European project MLearn.

Watch the video of the sixth edition of the Global Junior Challenge: short version and full version.

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