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Smart & Heart Cities Iniziative


The initiative Smart & Heart Cities is divided in four different events:

  1. Eurocities Knowledge Society Forum
  2. Smart & Heart Cities Conference
  3. International Hackathon
  4. ComeOn! Conference


  • The Knowledge Society Forum is sponsored by the Eurocities consortium, which brings together more than 100 European cities including the city of Rome, host of the 2015 edition. The goal of the initiative is to support the government in enhancing civic participation of citizens through access to information and communication technologies (ICTs). An aspect in which the city of Rome strongly believes.  For this, along with Fondazione Mondo Digitale, it has chosen to host the initiative Smart & Heart Cities inspired by the document “Smart & Heart Rome” written by Alfonso Molina, Professor of Technology Strategy at the University Edinburgh and Scientific Director of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale.
  • The conferenceSmart & Heart Cities” is organized in collaboration with Eurocities and ForumPA and is held on October 29 at the City Hall. International guests and excellent keynote speakers from our country will present the digital best practices of the Public Administration. Closing the conference, visits to the hubs of youth acceleration in Rome.
  • The first International Hackathon for civic and social innovation will challenge hackers from all over Europe, programmers, digital artists and students of the schools that will jointly develop software applications and solutions to improve the local area and the city of Rome. Four challenges: Share Jubilee – Civic Apps – Open School – Rome Best Apps. The hackathon will be held October 28 to 30 at Città educativa, in collaboration with Microsoft.
  • ComeOn! Conference, held on October 30 at the City Hall, is the international meeting to present the results of the European ComeOn project in Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the Romania.